The Role of Violent Revolution And Stalin in The Distortion of Communism

The use of violence and coercion to achieve political goals often resulted in individuals with violent tendencies rising to positions of power. This created a volatile environment where those who were willing to use force became the leaders of the movement.

Furthermore, Stalin’s religious education played a crucial role in shaping his worldview and ideology. His upbringing in a religious household instilled in him a sense of dogma and absolute belief in his own righteousness. This religious influence can be seen in the way Stalin perverted communism, turning it into a quasi-religious system with himself as the supreme leader.

Stalin’s usurpation of power and conversion of the communist government into a dictatorship further distorted the principles of communism. He used his position to consolidate power, suppress dissent, and eliminate any potential rivals. This consolidation of power allowed Stalin to manipulate and control the communist system to suit his own personal agenda.

Moreover, Stalin’s actions and policies went against the principles of international communism. He positioned himself as an enemy of the Communist International, which aimed to unite communist movements worldwide. Stalin’s focus on maintaining his own power and control within the Soviet Union hindered the global spread and development of communism.

The dictatorial regime established by Stalin had long-lasting effects. It ultimately led to the personal decision of Mikhail Gorbachev to dismantle the communist system. Note that capitalism was opposed by the masses through vast movements comprising millions of people, involving strikes and revolutions. On the other hand, communism did not face challenges from the masses; rather, it was dismantled by the personal decision of a single dictator (Gorbachev) or a very limited group of individuals. That dictator role of Soviet Union leader was created by J.Stalin!

Again: In contrast to the early stages of capitalism, where change and progress were driven by the collective actions of the people, communism was ultimately destroyed by a few individuals. Stalin’s distorted version of communism, coupled with his dictatorial regime, created a system that was ripe for abuse and manipulation. This highlights the danger of allowing a single individual to wield absolute power within a political ideology.






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