The defeats inflicted on the Western world in recent decades are insurmountable without radical changes in the socio-economic system.

If we think of society as an organism, the perception and the central nervous system have been pathologically altered, in parallel with numerous tumor formations, causing disrupted blood supply and kidney failure leading to intoxication and chronic necrosis. Insofar as humanity cannot rely on external intervention to simply fight for its life, it is necessary FIRST to restore the nervous system so that it can make rational, adequate decisions for its salvation.

Modern so-called “socialist” parties do not offer any solutions to the real social and economic problems. What’s more – these problems are not even articulated by these parties. In addition to this, considering the overall social readiness and the evident impossibility of partial or gradual change in the socio-economic order, it is undoubtedly necessary to restore the Communist International, which will consolidate the joint actions of the masses on a global scale, so that the change can be implemented globally at the fastest pace.

Relying on the lessons of history, we believe it is indisputable that this change must and can only be accomplished through peaceful means, without the use of any violence, bearing in mind that we ourselves will take on the violence and aggression of the defending oligarchy. The Communist International will fight for freedom, equality, and reason, based on conscience and rationality. It will act openly, clearly, and directly, using still available democratic forms, without any conspiracy and/or irrationality, contributing that way to the awareness of real problems and the meaning and direction of society’s struggle. Rejecting irrationality into its social form, we naturally reject irrationality in its entirety: we do not find it necessary to engage in any conspiratorial activity or to use symbolism, ritualism, etc. (We apologize for the nostalgic lack of the red star, but: we think it’s simply not necessary).

Full nationalization of the means of production, planned allocation of resources according to real needs, and determination of priorities are needed to stop the squandering of intellectual and vital force and to lay the foundations for the restoration of the environment. Elimination of copyrights and patents, including and especially the of digital products licenses, with the aim of liberating human creativity. We do need restoration of the education system and laying the foundations of a sound-thinking and creative generation. Restoring moral values, as they are naturally presented to us with our very birth, similar to the extremities of the body. Regulated and guaranteed housing and medical care.

In the last 100 years, agriculture, as a result of industrialization, has been concentrated in the hands of a small number of large landowners, and this solves one of the main problems that the Soviet revolution encountered: the problems of the urban population — exploitation, wage inequality, lack of access to social services — were NOT directly applicable to the rural peasantry. Nowadays the land will be nationalized without all of the 1917`s Soviet problems.

It is sad that such simple and self-evident solutions seem almost utopian in the modern world. It is sad that, being unable to argue any other solution, those interested in preserving the status quo simply turn the only possible way forward into a taboo. It would be sad if we ourselves keep silent.


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